Prof. Michael Wurm

Curriculum Vitae
Research interests
Neutrino oscillation physics
Low-energy neutrinos from astrophysical sources
experimental searches for FIPs
R&D on organic and water-based scintillators

Scientific Activities & Service to the Community
L2 manager for liquid scintillator/OSIRIS for JUNO experiment
Co-spokesperson of the ANNIE accelerator neutrino experiment
Member of the PRISMA+ Steering Committee
Deputy Member of the German Committee for Astroparticle Physics (KAT)
Member of the CERN SPSC

2014 W2 professorship, University of Mainz
2013-2014 Postdoc scholarship (Carl-Zeiss Foundation) at University of Tübingen
2011-2013 Postdoc at University of Hamburg
2009-2011 Postdoc at TU Munich
2006-2009 Doctoral thesis, TU Munich
2009 "Universe" PhD Award for best PhD thesis (experiment) by the Excellence Cluster “Universe” (Munich)
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Selected publications
M. Agostini et al. (Borexino Collaboration): Experimental evidence of neutrinos produced in the CNO fusion cycle in the Sun, Nature 587 (2020) 577-582
S. Böser et al.: Status of Light Sterile Neutrino Searches, Prog. Part. Nucl. Phys. 111 (2020) 103736
M. G. Aartsen et al.: Combined sensitivity to the neutrino mass ordering with JUNO, the IceCube Upgrade, and PINGU, Phys. Rev. D 101 (2020) 032006
M. Wurm: Solar Neutrino Spectroscopy, Phys. Rept. 685 (2017) 1
F. An et al.: Neutrino Physics with JUNO, J. Phys. G 43 (2016) 030401
G. Bellini et al. (Borexino Collaboration): Cosmogenic Backgrounds in Borexino at 3800 m water-equivalent depth, JCAP 08 (2013) 049
Y. Abe et al. (Double Chooz Collaboration): Indication of Reactor νe Disappearance in the Double Chooz Experiment, Phys. Rev. Lett. 108 (2012) 131801
M. Wurm et al.: The next-generation liquid-scintillator neutrino observatory LENA, Astropart. Phys. 35 (2012) 685
G. Alimonti et al. (Borexino Collaboration): The liquid handling systems for the Borexino solar neutrino detector, Nucl. Instrum. Meth. A 609 (2009) 1, 58
M. Wurm et al.: Detection potential for the diffuse supernova neutrino background in the large liquid-scintillator detector LENA, Phys. Rev. D 75 (2007) 023007

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