We consider communicating our research and physics in general to the public very important. Our activities range from workshops on elementary school level to programmes for university students or lectures for the general public. In addition, the ETAP group is actively involved in the training of physics education students, both in terms of experimental skills for school experiments and in terms of research and development of series of lessons involving experiments on concrete physics topics.

Our general activities for school groups form part of the physics outreach programme of the institute of physics. The site www.schule.physik.uni-mainz.de summarizes both the general physics courses for high-school classes and offers links to educational material developed within thesis projects in the ETAP group.

In addition, we offer dedicated workshops for high-school students for hands-on particle physics experience: ATLAS Masterclasses and IceCube Masterclasses

ATLAS Masterclasses are organized within the framework of the Netzwerk Teilchenwelt initiative. They form a stepping stone for high school students to become further involved in particle physics. Several students who have attended Masterclasses at ETAP have later been granted a Netzwerk Teilchenwelt research stipend for an internship at CERN.

Last but not least, once per year we organize the Saturday Morning Physics lecture series which we started over twenty years ago.