Master/Bachelor Thesis T2K

Neutrino Cross-section Measurements at the Near Detector of the T2K Experiment

Cross sections of neutrino interactions with matter are an important input into other neutrino experiments, like oscillation analyses. Unfortunately, our current models of neutrino-nuclear interactions are not able to describe the data in the 1 GeV neutrino energy region well. Cross-section measurements are thus a crucial tool to constrain systematic uncertainties for experiments working in these energy ranges (e.g. T2K, HyperK, DUNE). The AG Weber offers Bachelor and Master thesis topics investigating aspects of these measurements. This can include but is not limited to studies about different neutrino interaction models and how they compare to the data, sensitivity studies for future measurements, development of data selections at the T2K near detector for cross-section measurements, and investigation of statistical methods to extract the cross sections from the measured event rates.