2019 EPS High Energy and Particle Physics Prizes

The 2019 High Energy and Particle Physics Prize of the European Physical
Society for an outstanding contribution to high energy physics has been
awarded to the CDF and D0 collaborations for the discovery of the top
quark and the detailed measurement of its properties.

EPS News

The CDF and D0 experiments were large multi-purpose particle detectors at the Fermilab proton-antiproton collider Tevatron close to Chicago. Scientists from the ETAP group at the physics department at Mainz University have been long members of the D0 Collaboration and have contributed to the top quark physics programme of the collaboration, in particular to the development of measurement techniques for the top quark mass.

The measurements at the Tevatron have paved the way to the LHC experiments at the European particle physics center CERN in Geneva. Within the Standard Model of particle physics, the mass of the top quark is a key parameter and is directly related to the mass of the Higgs particle which was discovered by the ATLAS and CMS experiments at CERN's LHC collider, again with a prominent contribution by physicists from the ETAP group at Mainz University.

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