Higgs decay into bottom quarks discovered

It was a sensation in 2012: Scientists at CERN have discovered the Higgs Boson that have been postulated for decades. Now another prediction has been confirmed: The Higgs Boson decays into two bottom quarks.

original CERN press release
press release ATLAS Germany

The two independent research teams of the ATLAS and CMS experiments at LHC have succeeded in detecting Higgs decay into two bottom quarks.
Even before the concrete proof, theoreticians had long predicted the decay in bottom quarks. Although it is a common pattern of decay - it occurs in 58 percent of cases - the teams have only now succeeded to observe this decay mode. Since this reaction can not be observed directly, the researchers instead reconstructed the decay products of particle collisions in the LHC. For this they use high-precision detection devices the size of an apartment building. The challenge here: The pattern occurring resembles other, much more frequent decays, in which the Higgs Boson is not involved.
(Image ATLAS/CERN: HIGG-2018-04)