Prof. Dr. Lutz Köpke

Name Lutz Koepke
Phone +49 6131 3922894
Fax +49 6131 3925169
Room 04-323
Address Staudingerweg 7
D - 55128 Mainz



  born November 22, 1954, Koblenz, Germany

1973-1979 Study of Physics and Diploma (with honors), University of Bonn
1980-1983 Doctoral thesis, University of Bonn
1983-1986 Research Scientist at UC-Santa Cruz, USA (Mark-II, Mark III)
1987-1992 Fellow and temporary staff at CERN, Switzerland (OPAL)
1987 Research at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
1992-1994 Permanent staff at DESY (ZEUS)
since 1994 Professor of Physics, University of Mainz
2000 Research at the Amundsen-Scott Station, Antarctica
2002 Member ATLAS publication committee
2003-2005 Institute Director
2004 Sabbatical leave at UC-Irvine, USA
2004-2007 AMANDA physics coordinator, head IceCube publication committee
2006-2011 Member IceCube executive committee, head IceCube supernova working group
2008-2009 Dean of the Department of Physics, Mathematics and Computer
2009-2010 Vice-Dean


  Service to the community

 1996 Organizer HQ96 conference
 since 1996 referee for Phys. Rev. Lett. and other journals as well as  for  DFG, BMBF, Helmholtz, Humboldt-, Studien- and Volkswagenstiftung
 1998-2000 Member, ACCU and ACCES committees at CERN
 1998-2008 Member of RCCDG, GridKa Technical Advisory and Overview Board
 2003-2007 Member, Scientific Council Structure of Matter FZK-Karlsruhe
 2003-2005 Elected Member, Committee for Particle Physics (KET)
 2004-2006 Member, Committee for Astroparticle Physics (KAT)
 2004-2008 Member Advisory Committee Astroparticle Physics of the BMBF
 2009-2011 Member of the Senate, University of Mainz
 since 2011 Member of the DESY Physics Research Committee


  University committees:

since 1996 Member of faculty council, student advisor, foreign exchange program advisor, head teaching committee, appointee for highly talented students, and member of several other committees