How to reach us

From Frankfurt Rhein/Main airport to the main station in Mainz

Mainz is easily reached from Frankfurt Rhein/Main Airport by train. There is no point taking a long distance train (running from Fernbahnhof tracks 4-7). Rather follow the signs Regionalbahnhof. They will guide you to the regional railways station (tracks 1-3).

In the station you can buy your ticket over the counter in the travel center (Reisezentrum) which is located to your right hand side when coming down the escalator into the station. Sort of English spoken. Credit cards accepted. Please ask for a "RMV" ticket (4.10 €). It is valid on any type of trains stopping in this station as well as on Mainz local buses to university. Please note that those tickets are valid only for travelling immediately after purchase and are valid on the shortest route to your final destination only.

If you are more adventurous you might try to buy a ticket from a ticket machine. Please use "RMV" ticket machines. They are coloured light green and bear the RMV logo. Enter the destination code for Mainz, 65 and press the button for an adult single ticket ('Einzelkarte Erwachsene') (top left, red button) and you will be asked whether you want to go via Rüsselsheim (1) or Frankfurt (2). Select (1) - the cheaper option - and pay, the fare should be 4.10 €. Normally the ticket machine will accept coins and bank notes up to 20 €. The machine will light a (yellow) indicator if it can't give change.

From the travel center you take another escalator down to the platform. You can travel on a local train, S-Bahn (S8) to Wiesbaden. This train will stop at several Mainz stations, so make sure to alight at the main station Hauptbahnhof. The station before is Mainz "Römisches Theater" (formerly Südbahnhof). You could as well board a regional train with a final destination of either Wiesbaden, Koblenz, or Saarbrücken, actually, these trains are often nicer and quicker then the S-Bahn, but go much less frequently. Most trains to Mainz run from track 3. Never board a local train (S-Bahn) without a valid ticket. Penalty fare is now 40 €. For information on the S-Bahn departure, use Train and Bus Schedule (english), enter 'town: ffm, station: flughafen regionalbahnhof' and 'town: mainz, station: hbf', then press the 'Enquiry' button. If trains like 'DB AG 80' show up in addition to the S-Bahn S8, these are the regional trains mentioned above.

From the Main Station (Mainz HBf) to the Institute

Use the bus station "Hauptbahnhof" (Main Station). Bus number 69 passes directly through the Campus and is the nearest stop "Staudinger Weg". Other Buses to the university leave at the area marked Haltepunkt G. Take one of the buses with number: 54, 68 (all direction Lerchenberg), 58 (direction Wackernheim), 55 (direction Finthen) and get off at stop "Friedrich-von-Pfeiffer-Weg / Bausparkasse Mainz" (3rd stop). Don't get off at the stop "University", since then you have to cross the whole University campus, which is quite long. Cross the Saarstraße on the pedestrian bridge close to the bus stop and walk to the Institute for Physics, Staudinger Weg 7 (near the Mensa), the first of the three cross-like buildings on the campus map below, marked with an arrow. Take the elevator to the 4th floor, turn left and take the corridor through the glass door. The secratary is the last door right ahead.

Arriving by car

The Institute for Physics is located on the Mainz University Campus. Follow route A60 via "Autobahn-Dreieck Rüsselsheim", or, if using A63, change at "Autobahnkreuz Mainz" to A60 direction of Bingen. In both cases leave the Autobahn A 60 at exit "Mainz-Finthen", head to "Saarstraße/Innenstadt", cross the the roundabaout "Europaplatz" (European flaggs), go straight ahead until reaching the exit "Universität". Stop at the main gate of the university and get a day's visitor parking permit at the entrance gate. Park next to the physics building, Staudinger Weg 7. Take the elevator to the 4th floor, turn left and take the corridor through the glass door. The secratary is the last door right ahead.