Prof. Dr. Konrad Kleinknecht - Curriculum Vitae

1940 born at Ravensburg
1958 - 1963 studies of physics,  Universities of München and Heidelberg
1966 Ph. D. Univ. Heidelberg, Thesis on interference between KL -> π+π- and Ks -> π+π- decays, measurement of CP violation phase Φ+-
1966 - 1969 CERN fellow, Geneva
1969 - 1972 scientific associate at university of Heidelberg, experiment CERN-Heidelberg on precision measurement of CP parameters
1971 habilitation (venia legendi) at university of Heidelberg
1972 - 1985 full professor at university of Dortmund, starting a particle physics group, dean of department, institute director
1974 Plenary talk on CP violation and K0 decays at London ICHEP
1976 Research at California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA
(preparation of Fermilab CCFR neutrino experiment)
1975 - 1985 Neutrino Experiment at CERN (CERN-Dortmund-Heidelberg-Saclay CDHS)
1980 – 1985 Member of the advisory committee of the German federal ministry for research and technology (BMFT) on funding of particle physics
1984 Organization of „Intern. Conference on Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics“ at Nordkirchen near Dortmund
1984 Neutrino medal of the Eötvös Society, Budapest
1984 full professor at university of Mainz, Institute of Physics
1984 - 1991 experiments on direct CP violation, NA 31 at CERN, Geneva
1987 – 1988 Member of advisory board of German federal ministry for research and technology (BMFT) on “future developments of fundamental research in intermediate energy and nuclear physics”
1988 observation of direct CP violation with NA31
1988 Morris Loeb Lecturer on direct CP violation, Physics Department, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA
1988 Plenary talk “Weak Mixing, CP Violation and Rare Decays”

at XXIVth ICHEP, Munich
1988 Organization of „European Symposium on Nucleon-Antinucleon-Interactions and fundamental Symmetries“ at Mainz
1989 Startup of experiments with the Aleph detector at LEP, CERN
1990 G.W. Leibniz-Award of Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG), Bonn
1989 - 1992 President of the particle physics section of the German physical society DPG
1990 - 2001 spokesman of the Graduiertenkolleg (graduate college) „Elementarteilchenphysik bei mittleren und hohen Energien“ at the university of Mainz
since 1991 Construction of detector for the precision experiment on direct CP violation NA 48 at CERN, together with italian, french, british, austrian and polish groups.
1995 first successful run of charged part of NA 48 detector, measurement of KL -> μ μ γ Decay
1997 first successful run of complete NA 48 detector
1998 first results on rare Kaon decays from NA 48
1999 Confirmation of direct CP violation in experiment NA48
since 1995 preparation of ATLAS experiment at LHC, CERN
since 1996 national contact physicist for German ATLAS groups, member of ATLAS Resources Review Board
since 1986 Head of German member state delegation for CERN fellowships
1997-1999 Member of the board of Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft (DPG)
Spokesman of „Konferenz der Fachbereiche Physik/Germany“
2001 Gentner-Kastler-Award of Société Francaise de Physique and the Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft
2005 High Energy and Particle Physics Award of Europäische Physikalische Gesellschaft (EPS)
2008 Stern-Gerlach Medal : highest award of German Physical Society for experimental physics
Since 2012 President of Heisenberg-Gesellschaft e.V. ,München

Research Areas:

Physics of elementary particles, in particular research on weak interactions between elementary particles and the violation of symmetry between matter and antimatter, Physics of Neutrinos, Physics of particle detectors, electrical power supply, stability of electricity and national grids



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More than 500 publications in scientific journals, popular articles in newspapers, Süddeutsche Zeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Umschau in Wissenschaft und Technik..