Erste Schritte eines AMANDA / IceCube-Newbies

Neu in der IceCube-Collaboration ? Keine Sorge ! Diese Page soll stichwortartig zusammenfassen, was Neueinsteiger (Diplomanden, Doktoranden) erledigen müssen, um mit ihrer Forschungsarbeit zu starten. Das wichtigste ist:
Wir sind eine internationale Collaboration, die "Amtssprache" ist englisch. Man muss englisch verstehen können!!

Here is a short list of things to do before starting to work in the AMANDA/IceCube group in Mainz. By the way this is not just a collection of inspiring ideas, you really  have to go through most of these steps!  So read it all slow and carefully, and the most important: Enjoy beeing part of the group...

Registration at the Icecube Collaboration:

Do this here. Before, ask your supervisor or room-mate for the global icecube-password. Doing this registration, you already get in touch with the list of all available mailing lists you can subscribe to. If you want to join more of them, you have to ...

Subscribe  IceCube Collaboration mailing lists:

To do that, you send an email without signature or subject to It should only include: "help".A minute later you get a mail that will tell you more about that whole mailman-thing and how to subscribe to lists. For example, writing "subscribe" to subscribes you to the wanted-list. Alternatively look here to act interactively. Generally, mailing lists are an important tool if you want to keep up to date at what you're working with (ask your colleagues which lists to join!). A "have-to-subscribe" is the IceCube-Collaboration [icecube-c]-mailing list...

Account at Docushare:

To sort and archive all sorts of interesting documents, the IceCube collaboration uses the incredibly practicle archive system Docushare. To join the game, you need an account. Contact to get one.

Account in Madison:

To get IceCube software or data, you need a computer account in Madison, where the biggest IceCube group is located. Tell your supervisor to send an email to and tell people there you need one. You really do !


Ursprünglich wurde diese Seite von Stefan Klepser aus der Zeuthener IceCube Gruppe erstellt, sie wurde für die "Mainzer Bedürfnisse" leicht modifiziert. Der Link zum original findet sich hier.