Choice of PhD, Bachelor, Master and Diploma Theses

The following list of topics is not exclusive. If you are interested in other topics please contact us. Qualified students can apply for stipends at the Mainz Graduate School "Symmetry Breaking".

Theses at ATLAS

Poster (in German)  Group V. Büscher, L. Masetti  

Poster (in German)  Group S. Tapprogge

Data-Analysis at the LHC, Detector Development for High Energy Physics Arbeitsgruppe Prof. Schott


Theses at NA62

Contacts: V. Buescher, R. Wanke

Design and Construction of the NA62 Muon Veto Detector.

  • Detailed simulation of pion and muon showers in the muon veto detector and determination of its pion-muon separation power.
  • Construction of the NA62 muon veto detector.
  • Development of the read-out electronics of the NA62 muon veto detector.

Development of the NA62 Online PC Farm.

Physics analysis with the NA62 experiment using already recorded data.

  • Measurement of the very rare decay K+ -> e+ νγ
  • Measurement of the CKM matrix element Vus with K+ -> π0 e+ ν events.


High resolution calorimetry with silicon photo multipliers

Contacts: V. Buescher, L. Masetti, S. Tapprogge and R. Wanke


Theses at IceCube

Data acquisition, data quality monitoring and grid computing. Contact: L. Koepke

Particle, astroparticle, atmospheric, and geo physics with high energy terrestrial muons and neutrinos. Contact: L. Koepke

Searches for high energy neutrinos from cosmic accelerators and low energy neutrinos from supernovae. Contact: L. Koepke

PHD positions next generation upgrade of the IceCube neutrino telescope. Contact: S. Böser


Theses in the area of Dark Matter (XENON100, XENON1T, DARWIN), and Development of Liquid Xenon Time Projection Chambers

Contact: U. Oberlack
Topics: (Please inquire about details!)
• Data analysis with XENON100
• Detector, source, and background simulations
• R&D on novel concepts in Liquid Xenon Time Projection Chambers (LXeTPC's) towards the direct search for Dark Matter, or applications as a Compton telescope or Compton camera


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